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Zara Lauretta

Special hoops 
How  it change my life  was I met people  I was happy I have a lot of fun I like meet new people  when  someone is down will all stick to together  would of  don't  happen  thank mum and dad  and why I love program I love it be because help us with  team working will have very good  coach some time will get upset but will keep working at it will keep going till will get  better  at it will Are like a family  will love to have fun will working so hard thank you to everyone for change are life  I am happy to playing  basketball thank you so much.



Michelle Chukka

We started our daughter (11) in Specialist Hoops in 2018. At the time we were struggling to find a suitable sport as her behaviours didn't go down well with other parents. Our daughter has ADHD, SPD (sensory) and Autism. We've never looked back. I could finally just sit back and not stress if she had a bad day. I could finally talk with other parents who understood. So glad we gave it a go. Emily and her team are just absolutely wonderful. They're so understanding and caring and make sure all the kids are included, even if they're at the side just running around.


Kim Colella

The Amazing Team from Specialist Hoops put a smile not only on the faces of the kids and teens but also the parents. As a parent of a child with special needs, it is very hard to find a team sport that is accepting and understanding of your child's needs. Specialist Hoops go above and beyond to ensure my child is always made to feel welcome and included. The fact that my son enjoys going to Basketball every week is blessing as this not only keeps his fitness up but also his social skills. Damon has an Autism diagnosis and has been with Emily since the very beginning when it all started and I am a huge supporter of her and her team for everything they do. 



Steven & Jo Batten

Specialist Hoops is a great place for our kids to play sport and socialise.

This is a great outlet for kids with a disability to learn and build their confidence in life skills.


Kat Barlow

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