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Darley cousins taking a shot at sport

Sumeyya Ilanbey

13 Aug 2018

Giving Sport A Go

Darley cousins Hollie and Tarkyn have been having a ball with Specialist Hoops.

The eight-year-olds joined the Melton basketball clinic for children with special needs a month ago – and the benefits have been staggering.

Hollie has mild cerebral palsy and uses a leg brace. She says she’s really enjoyed playing a sport without a competitive edge.

“I enjoy getting to meet all the people who are there and having a good time,” Hollie says. And although she plays in all positions, her favourite is “centre”.

Her mum, Fiona O’Rourke said Hollie has been thriving at the clinic. She said being able to play a sport has improved her daughter’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

For Tarkyn, the clinic has been a real game changer. The Darley boy’s mobility has improved and fitness levels increased.

His mum Mel O’Rourke describes Tarkyn as being “a lot calmer” at home.

“Tarkyn is really chuffed,” Ms O’Rourke said. “He’s quite proud of himself and what he’s accomplished.

“In this environment, it’s … safe and inclusive and that gives us a safe space to let him run and just be a part of it.”

Specialist Hoops is inviting anyone interested in joining, or donating, to visit

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