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Falcon Rebels Basketball are a huge part of our program from coaches all the way through to helping with insurance and registration of players!


We would like to acknowledge those businesses that helped us found our first program and helped us get off the ground to bring this amazing program together. It is because of these businesses that we are able to do what we love for the community.

R&R Logistics

Available Sponsorship Packages

Specialist Hoops is always looking for new sponsors to assist with keeping the program going and keeping the cost low for participants. Donations and sponsorship funds will be directed towards improving the Specialist Hoops program. You can find our available sponsorship packages below.

Sponsorship Packages 

If you're looking to sponsor our organisation, please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible!

Thank you for wanting to sponsor us! We will try to be in touch as soon as possible!!